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Heavy duty bags & sacks have been gaining high demand in the past few years for their ability to sustain more weight compared to conventional bags. The global heavy duty bags & sacks market is estimated to register a 4% value CAGR over the assessment period of 2018-2028.

Steady growth of the global heavy duty bags & sacks can be attributed to the advantages of these bags including low thickness, high strength, excellent durability as well as reusability. With an ability to uphold greater volume of materials, preference for heavy duty bags & sacks is increasing across a number of end-use industries such as agriculture, chemicals & fertilizers, food & beverages, and others. These key factors are expected to be highly impactful on the expansion of heavy duty bags & sacks market.

Moreover, these bags are highly customizable and can be manufactured according to consumer requirements. Such flexibility increases the demand for heavy duty bags & sacks as the most effective packaging solution in several industrial sectors.

Based on material type, plastic is expected to maintain its superiority in the global heavy bags & sacks market, accounting for around 55% of value share, over the period between 2018 and 2028.

Plastic-based heavy duty bags & sacks are not only waterproof but also highly reliable for agricultural packaging, which in turn is predicted to act as catalysts to accelerate the growth of global heavy duty bags & sacks market.

However, stringent regulations against the use of plastic by government organizations in several countries may create hindrance in the demand for plastic as a material of choice in heavy duty bags & sacks market.

On the basis of capacity type, 20-40 kg heavy duty bags & sacks are projected to witness the maximum demand over the forecast period, backed by their ease of storage and transportation. With growing demand for bags under this capacity in automotive, construction, and other industries, the global heavy duty bags & sacks market is expected to gain high traction in the coming years.

Rapid growth in industrialization and construction activities, especially in emerging economies such as China and India, are likely to boost the demand for heavy duty bags & sacks in APEJ, which is anticipated to outperform Western Europe as the most lucrative region for the market through 2028.

Although the global heavy duty bags & sacks market has been forecast to maintain a positive outlook over the forecast period, more availability of alternative options such as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) will may negatively affect the market. These containers are gaining increasing momentum among various end users of heavy duty bags & sacks, for their ability handle more heavy weight. Shift in preference toward bulk bags and their increasing demand from end users and organizations may become a daunting challenge for leading players in heavy duty bags & sacks market.

Leading players of heavy duty bags & sacks market are focusing on expanding at global level through mergers and acquisitions. For instance, in May 2016, Novolex acquired a plastic and plastic based products manufacturer, Heritage Bag Company based in Roanoke, Texas. It helps companies leverage expertise of the acquired firms to improve their products and services portfolio.

Some of leading players participating in the global heavy duty bags & sacks market are Mondi Group, Novolex, Nihon Matai Co., Ltd, Seevent Plastics Ltd., Wooderson Packaging Ltd, Segezha Group LLC, LC Packaging International B.V., Berry Global, Inc., MegaSack Corporation, Global-Pak Inc., Al-Tawfiq Company, Muscat Polymers Pvt. Ltd, ProAmpac LLC, Sonoco Products Company, Amcor, Bemis Company, Inc., TMR Woven Bags and Sacks, and Wenzhou SMOO Bags.

Apart from plastic, paper is highly sought out material for manufacturing heavy duty bags & sacks. Paper-based heavy duty bags & sacks are preferred among various consumers for their high durability, low cost, degradability, and environment-friendliness. Increasing stringent government regulations worldwide against the use of plastic-based products is likely to push the demand for paper bags, influencing growth in the global heavy duty bags & sacks market. However, low compatibility of paper-based bags with changes in the environmental conditions may remain a challenge for using this material in the production of heavy duty bags & sacks.

Jute was also deemed to be one of the most potential materials for heavy duty bags & sacks. However, various demerits of jute along with many advances in other materials may confine the significance of jute in the growth of heavy duty bags & sacks market.

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Usage of Recycled Material to Generate Opportunities for Key Players in Heavy Duty Bags & Sacks Market

With several countries imposing ban on the use of plastic-based products, a focus on increasing the use of recycled materials remain a key growth strategies of manufacturers of heavy duty bags & sacks.

Global economic growth on the coattails of rising gross domestic production of various countries will possibly contribute to the future expansion of global heavy duty bags & sacks market. Significant rise in the demand for these bags from agriculture industry along with heavy investments in infrastructure development are likely to remain growth-driving determinants of heavy duty bags & sacks market. Further, ease of manufacturing and several added benefits of these bags are foreseen to make them products of choice across different end-use industries.

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