Hate Washing Dishes After A Party? – This will change your life

Washing dishes is one of the biggest problems at home after a party and especially during festivals like Ganesh Chaturti and Diwali. With the guest coming in all day it becomes hard to manage the sink even if you have house help. Not having enough crockery or embarrassment from serving food in plates that are stained are just some of the problems that make the party worse. 


Now you can do away with all these problems simply by using ecofriendly party disposables ! 


That’s correct. 

Contrary to popular belief - 

1) Ecofriendly disposables are high quality and stylish for your events 

2) They are extremely affordable – 10 person set cost only Rs 300/-. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself by clicking here. 

Pappco Greenware gives an entire range of disposables that can be used for home party set-ups, offices, and outdoor events. See an example table set up below 


People love using these products. It is an easy throw away as well since you can wrap up all your party waste in one bag and send it off ! 

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