Diwali Gift Ideas for Clients in 2019: The Best Deals

Are you planning to gift your client during this Diwali? Well, this list includes the best ideas for a gift which you can give to your clients. So shall we begin?

Diwali is an important festival in India and associated with new beginnings and the transition from darkness to the light. With the festive season just around the corner, the legacy of giving gifts will once again take a front seat. Companies thrive on people, and people love gifts. Once again, it’s the time of the year to affirm your business relationships with your clients and customers. Corporate gifts are all about thanking the people with whom you have business relationships. Business aside, when you give a gift to your clients, you are developing a positive perception of your company in their mind. Bonus points for increasing your brand awareness with these gifts.

The market is flooded with a myriad of gifting options for your friends, employees, clients, and customers. Gifts are available in all categories in varying price ranges. You can choose from a vast array of personalized products to gift your clients. Customized gifts have more presence than the regular gifts. Your clients will also remember your thoughtful gesture for a long time.

Below is a list of items that you can use to pick up a Diwali gift for your client. You can scan through the list to zero into a gifting option of your choice that will be cherished by the intended receiver.

Festivals are incomplete without sweets. Diwali brings with it a fiesta of sweets. Be it KajuKatli or Motichoorladdoos or the traditional Badam-Anjeer Barfi; no one can resist sweets. You can always choose a conventional sweet box with an assortment of sweets. Make sure to have a richly curated sweet box to contain the sweets for an enhanced appeal. Sweets have a short shelf life, so ascertain to get them distributed on time when they are still fresh. Accompany it with a set of colorful diyas and a Diwali greeting, and you have the perfect way to put your Diwali message across.

A step ahead is gifting a customized chocolate gift box with handmade chocolates. These handcrafted chocolate boxes come in packs of 6, 9, 12 or 24 pieces of chocolates, so you have a variety to choose from. You can choose from an assortment of chocolates-milk chocolates, dark chocolates or chocolate-covered dry fruits or dried berries and apricots.No one can say no to chocolates. You can be assured that they will be well-received and relished by one and all. Chocolates have a longer shelf-life than sweets and appeal to most taste buds.

Another relishing yet exciting idea could be a Dry Fruit Gift Pack. You can have a mixture of cashews, raisins, pistachios, almonds, dried apricots, walnuts and even dried berries in the right proportions. Set them aside in a well-crafted dry fruit gift box of wood, metal or even ceramic, wrap them up in a red or golden net cloth, and you will have the most beautiful and vibrant gift for Diwali.

Diwali is all about gold and silver. These metals have always been associated with abundance and richness and are considered auspicious. So why not gift your favorite clients with something crafted out of silver this season? You can select silver plates or silver cutlery or even silver tea set as a gift for your close clients. They not only look elegant but also add values to your relations with your clients.

Some items never lose their value, no matter how old they get. Bags and backpacks fall in this category of items. You can get a couple of sturdy yet brightly colored backpacks customized with your company’s logo. Add a small personalized keychain to this gift as an accompanying item. Gift these to your tested clients with a Diwali card and establish years of trustworthiness with your clients along with these backpacks.

Wood has always held that aesthetic appeal in its form and texture. Handcrafted wooden items like animal or bird figurines, pen stands, tabletop holders or even a Vaastu or Fengshui related article can also do wonders for you. They come in different forms and designs-wooden trays, coaster sets, cutlery stands or even delicately carved figurines of Buddha. You can curate a collection of small wooden items together in a velvet lined box and use it as a thoughtful gift.

Wallclocks com in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from a specialized wall clock and a variety of materials from which the gift can be constructed. It can be wood, synthetic resin, plastic or just plain metal. You can opt for a quirky design or slogan on the wall clock, or choose the one with the brightest of colors. Personalized clocks can also add appeal to your clients.

Just like the personalized backpack, a customized gym bag or a duffel bag will also be a useful addition to your Diwali gifts. These bags have a high utility value. You can have a bulk order given all in advance for customization of these polyester or vinyl gym bags in bright colors. Team them up with a pair of diyas or a small box of sweets for a joyful Diwali gift.

This can be an amicable presentation for your clients as well. A personalized wooden desk organizer with a small table clock and calendar accompanied by a little leather-bound diary can be the perfect table accessory to organize a busy daily desk. You can attend this set with a small Diwali card or a box of chocolates for the perfect Diwali gift to your clients.

Add your innovative touch to the lights of Diwali by gifting this rotating LED crystal cube. Add extra style to your table with this LED-lit photo frame in a crystal cube. Personalize it with your company’s logo and a Diwali message. Its beautiful design and the modern touches make it a perfect accessory to display your memories.

Incense and their fragrance can touch up any dull corner, whether it is your house or your office. Nowadays, many types of incense holders are available in the market. The material ranges from wood, ceramic, German silver to the sturdy metallic brass or copper ones. You can choose a richly designed metal incense stick stand and personalize it with your company’s logo. Just send a packet of heavenly scented sandalwood or mogra incense sticks with it, and you will have the full setup to hold the fragrance in your gift.

For a hassle-free gift option that is not bound to choice, you can think of gifting discount coupons or e-gift vouchers to your clients as well. They not only provide the freedom of gift selection to the receiver but also offer a variety of purchase options across different stores and portals. An interesting gift idea for choosy clients, you can present gift cards along with a small box of sweets or chocolates.

Go green this Diwali with this thoughtful and environment-friendly gifting choice. You can choose a ceramic planter with a contemporary design and personalize it with your company’s logo or a short Diwali message. You can choose from among the variety of desktop-friendly plants available, for the planter. Must not select any fancy plant that may require delicate handling or rigorous care. The plant accompanying this planter is sturdy and hassle-free and suited to be kept indoor on office desks.

Clients are critical to the success of any organization. Make Diwali an occasion to celebrate your achievements with them and thank them for their cooperation. Use these well-crafted and thoughtful gifts to mark your bond your clients this Diwali, and hope for many more years of partnership with them.

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