Differen Sizes Pizza Box Available Now.

Our brown corrugated pizza boxes are available in a range of popular sizes.

Made from corrugated cardboard, they are sturdy so ideal for pizza take away outlets and restaurants.

There are two vents on one side to allow the steam to escape so your customer will receive a crisp, fresh pizza!

Due to the size of some of the boxes, we are only able to provide samples of the 7″ and 12″ pizza box.

Also available in the range: Pizza slice holders. These can also be used to serve crepes and pancakes.

pizza-box P5545 P5546 P5547 P5548 P5549pizza-box P5533 P5534 P5535 P5536 P55377pizza-box P5538 P5539 P5542 P5543 P5544pizza-box P5552 P5553 P5554 P5555 P5556


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